Damien C.
These City Streets
Street Photography

About Me

I breath in and exhale Street photography.
I separate my work into three major areas: documenting human nature, my life and Nature with or without human's influences. Different processes which I can bring to life in a healthy coexistence: one doesn't override the other, no matter how some may imply.
My street photography is as is. My other work is as is. My less edited work is Street related, though I imprint something of me in it. The other stuff is mayhem.
I keep my identity which makes me comfortable enough to make photography my catharsis.
The eternity of a photograph obliterates the ephemeral condition of our presence in the world. I photograph to cheat our dying destiny.


For more info read my interview by Brian Webb here: www.photojazz.ws/2011/07/stree…
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